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Trudy Beerman


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The Noisy Marketplace

Imagine going to Disneyland but having only two hours to play there. Chances are you will have difficulty choosing which attraction to see, each seeking your precious attention. Similarly, shoppers are bombarded by endless options in the modern marketplace - the attention economy.

As a player in this digital bazaar, how do you stand out? How do we go from attracting fleeting glances to earning loyal customers and eager subscribers? 

There is a simple answer to this question, dear friend: personal branding. It's not about glossy brochures or catchy logos - it's about creating an identity that resonates with your target audience, one that whispers in their ears.

Market Data

Are we discussing another marketing fad, a fleeting whisper lost in our digital hurricane? No, it's not. In today's attention-starved world, personal branding is the secret sauce:

  • 70% of consumers prefer to buy from brands with a person behind them (Sprout Social, 2023).

  • 62% of B2B buyers said they would be more likely to engage with content featuring a real person (Demand Gen Report, 2023).

  • 55% of employees are more likely to stay with a company with a strong employer brand (LinkedIn, 2023).

Statistics speak for themselves.

The Personal Branding Solution

People crave connection, authenticity, and the human touch in a world dominated by algorithms and faceless corporations. When well crafted, a personal brand can serve as a bridge, a beacon of trust, cutting through the digital noise and whispering promises of shared values, expertise, and ultimate transformation. However, if your influence and audience reach are limited to your peers, church group, or school - this will also limit your voice and your transformational impact. You may be a BIG fish in a little pond, and jumping ponds and growing again is the strategic way to build influential reach. #influentialreach

As with any good whisper campaign, personal branding requires more than a catchy slogan. Weaving together experiences, values, and expertise through diverse channels - such as blog posts, podcasts, TV appearances, and live events - should be the focus of the branding effort.

PSI TV loves co-creating with our guests, giving them multiple platforms to capture your corner of the attention economy. There are endless possibilities in the marketplace. You don't need to shout the loudest; you need to whisper the truth.

This was the rationale behind creating our REACHology(™) Score. Establishing a baseline measurement for influential reach and identifying the gaps for focused effort. A guest appearance on PSI TV is designed to amplify your whisper. Are you our next PSI TV guest? Apply Here



Trudy Beerman is the CEO and Host of Influence Media: PSI TV. She is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University pursuing research in influential reach.


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