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Trudy Beerman


Your Book is Published! Congratulations! Now What?

Get noticed in the noisy marketplace with personal branding. Amplify your voice with PSI TV Network and increase your brand visibility.

The time, effort, and money invested in sharing your knowledge, experience, and wisdom were not spent as a brain-dumping experience. Getting the word out and making sales is necessary as the Amazon Bookstore currently has 50 million book titles. 

Authors are one of the main categories of guests interviewed on PSI TV. We love talking with authors and sharing their work with our audience. We understand being on TV is not for the ego trip or the TV experience. Exposing your craft to a new audience and making more book sales is the goal.

Strategies to Squeeze More Book Sales

As a three-time best-selling author who has interviewed many authors and helped with book sale events - I share seven ways to milk more revenue from your book. If you like this content, follow, comment, share!

1. Appear Everywhere! Be on as many Podcast, TV, and stage opportunities as possible to create awareness and make a call to action around your offer. You may even consider being a guest on PSI TV.

2. Leverage Affiliates: Engage with affiliate marketing to expand your book's reach.  Encourage bloggers, influencers, and fans to become affiliates and use multiple links for your own books to maximize earnings.

3. Turn the book into an experience. Create an accompanying Workbook for in-person training and more: Enhance reader engagement by designing a workbook that complements your book. This adds value for your readers and serves as an additional revenue stream. You can use templates and include interactive elements like videos or quizzes to make your workbook more appealing (Canva Workbook Template FlipHTML5).

4. Turn the Book into an Online Course: Repurpose your content into an online course. This can significantly boost your profits and help more people with the knowledge you've shared in your book. Platforms like Udemy or Thinkific can be used to create and sell your course.

5. Get Book Clubs to Recommend It: Networking with book clubs can be an effective way to get your book recommended and read by more people. Authors can reach out to book clubs, attend meetings, and even offer to speak at their events to gain visibility and drive sales.

6. Repurpose as an Ebook: Converting your book into an ebook opens up a new market. Ebooks are often more affordable than hard copies and are a more accessible and convenient option for readers, adding another revenue channel. Use online platforms and tools to convert and sell your book in digital format.

7. Repurpose as an Audiobook: Audiobooks are gaining popularity and can attract a different audience. You can create an audiobook version of your book to cater to those who prefer listening over reading. This can be done by hiring a voice actor or using text-to-speech tools for professional sound (,).

BONUS 8. Organize a Book Tour and Speak at Events: A book tour can be a powerful promotional tool. Organize events in different cities, speak at these events, and sell your book on-site. This helps sell more books and builds your personal brand as an author.

Remember to update your author's website and media portfolio with new appearances, materials, or events, schedule social media updates, and engage with your audience to keep the momentum going. Following these steps can help you maximize the income from your book and ensure your valuable content reaches as many readers as possible.


Trudy Beerman is the CEO and Host of PSI TV. She is a best-selling author of three books who has helped other Authors sell their books.


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