Fake it Till You Make it

From Impostor to Influencer: The Journey to Authenticity


Trudy Beerman


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The Pretender - Going from Impostor to Influencer

The mantra "fake it till you make it" is often heard in the competitive leadership landscape. As emerging leaders navigate the marketplace, the pressure to project success can lead to a visibility dilemma. In this five-part series, we'll explore the insecurities impacting leader visibility. Join me as we explore strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and transforming into influential leaders. Today's focus is on transitioning from imposter to influencer. Drawing insights from biblical stories and academic research, we'll unravel the journey and provide practical strategies for increased visibility.

Biblical Insights:

We begin with the story of Jacob, whose name meant "Surplanter." Despite initial imposter tendencies, Jacob's encounter with God and a promise of prosperity led him to become an influencer, eventually named Israel, the father of the 12 tribes.

Another tale unfolds with Gideon, a reluctant leader chosen by God. Gideon's initial self-doubt didn't deter God's plan, emphasizing the theme of stepping into leadership roles even when feeling like an imposter.

Academic Perspective:

Imposter syndrome affects various professionals, with medical students experiencing it at rates between 22% to 60%. Secular strategies, such as self-evaluation, psychosocial strengthening, and avoiding maladaptive thinking, offer insights into overcoming impostor syndrome.

The Authentic Approach:

While secular strategies have merit, a Christ-follower's journey involves tapping into what God says about them. Embracing one's true identity and holding to God's promises are crucial. Documenting social proof and recognizing personal growth markers further reinforce authenticity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace your true identity as defined by God.
  • Document social proof and acknowledge growth markers.
  • Hold fast to God's promises and step into your calling, even if fear exists.
  • Multiply your influence by sharing your knowledge and serving others.

This is just the beginning of a five-part series designed to elevate your brand and move you from unknown to discovered. Join me, Trudy Beerman, on this transformative journey, and let's connect as we explore the path from impostor to influencer. Like, comment, share if you found value here, and stay tuned for more insights.

Trudy Beerman is the CEO of PSI TV. She brings an academic contribution to her content, pulling from her research on influential reach as a doctoral candidate at Liberty University. As a Knowledge Broker sharing the content of experts on her show, Trudy is dedicated to sharing her findings on influential reach and building her audience to stack the value of doing business with PSI TV.


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