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Being the best-kept secret will not build a business or create a movement. PSI TV is a great way to build brand awareness.

OnWatch TV Testimonial for PSI TV

A Testimonial for PSI TV channel build services.

from imposter to influencer fake it till you make it
From Impostor to Influencer: The Journey to Authenticity (

 Leaders and Influencers have insecurities and show up anyway. This is part one in a five-part series on some common insecurities that challenge leadership visibility that we must face and overcome to build our brands.

Book Sales Strategies
Maximize Book Income - 7 Strategies | Influence Media PSI TV

Authors are one of the main categories of PSI TV guests. A TV appearance helps with book sales, and here are other strategies for making more money from the book writing effort.

amplify your voice with PSI TV
The Whispering Campaign: How Personal Branding Hacks the Attention Economy

 The marketplace is noisy, and your prospect is distracted and may not notice your existence or offer in the marketplace. A guest appearance on PSI TV amplifies your voice in the attention economy.

author writing a book
Authors: Get More Readers with a PSI TV Appearance (

Authors, get in front of a brand-new audience that knows the Host and enjoy a transfer of trust, as you share about your book in an EDUtaining way.

Speakers share your message on TV
Speakers - be a guest on PSI TV

In today's digital age, speakers have more opportunities than ever to share their message with a wide audience. One powerful way to reach a larger demographic is by being a guest on television programs.

It is not expensive to be on TV

Getting your offer noticed is the first step toward success. The PSI TV Show on Roku could be your golden ticket to reaching a global audience and catapulting your brand to new heights. 

Believability Credibility
5 Hacks to Be More Believable (
How believable are you? Believability = Trust. Trust is important when it comes to getting a jury of your peers to believe your alibi, for prospects to become buyers, and other relationships.

Cracking the Code: How Social Media Metrics Can Skyrocket Your Influence (
Hacking influence using social media metrics in our favor.
9 Way to Leverage Media for Influence Today, we're diving into the exciting world of media mastery and how you can leverage your influence like never before.

So, grab your virtual spotlight, and let's unlock your inner influencer together.

thumbnail of your show on PSI TV
Yes. You Can be on TV & 7 Reasons Why You Should Be.  
 social media icons Meet Your Audience Where They Are. How to be 'Omnipresent-ish' Building fans is the ultimate influence goal.  When people stumble onto content they like, they often follow the creator from platform to platform - research shows. You need to be found. You need to be digitally 'omnipresent - ish'
image of people having a conversation Comedy Increases Influence Making people smile creates a positive, emotional connection. In a world where attention is the coveted currency, comedy can also help with your brand connection.
image of a newspaper
Cable TV is DEAD! RIP. Hello O.T.T. from PSI TV
Cable TV is dead. Big media still has it working via life support, but even they have moved to O.T.T. All the channels have moved, and PSI TV makes it easy for your brand content to sit beside the BIG DOGS of TV!
image of a man wearing a virtual reality headset Shepherd Style Leadership Online. Is it Possible? This is an excerpt from a paper I turned in for my doctoral class at Liberty University. Top brass and leaders of organizations realized that working in an online space with remote people presented new interaction dynamics (Lee et al., 2018), which influenced and changed relationships compared to the related experience in the real world.

clip from a webiste showing TV stats